All About Ships - Amazing Maritime Facts

Author(s) Chris Oxlade
Publisher Southwater
Date 2000
Pages 72
Format pdf
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Throughout our history, people have always utilized various boats, rafts and vessel for traveling across water, and this started many thousand years ago. In general, a ship can be referred to as any craft capable of traveling on water, however ships have significantly developed and passed all the way from simplest log rafts to the huge oil tankers.

This development has of course affected life on land, in shipbuilding facilities and marine ports where thousands of people work loading and discharging different cargoes transported by sea. It should be noted that the difference between a boat and a ship is not very clear even today.

Generally, ships are larger and travel across the oceans and seas, while boats are relatively small and would commonly travel on coastal waters, lakes and rivers; there can be exceptions though. Nowadays, boats and ships appear in so many sizes and shapes and sizes, and there is a very wide range of the ways they are used by people - from small rowing boats to enormous cruise liners taking people from one continent to another.

The perfect selection of different boats and ships contained in this publication is intended to illustrate the broad range of jobs they can do, as well as their importance for transport industry, commerce and leisure, combat and exploration. Several projects will definitely help readers get better understanding of the technical side of vessels, particularly how the ships float, how they are powered, and how they are controlled.

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