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This small program has been released with the purpose to serve as a supplementary tool for people using the AMOS program. The intention of the developers of this helpful piece of software was to help people who are dealing with the input of the various data relating to the maintenance of the vessel into AMOS software system and; this would particularly refer to the histories of the jobs that have been already carried out and have to be duly recorded for future reference and tracking.

The program shall definitely be considered an extremely useful and time saving tool for all crew members using AMOS for the management of the vessels day-to-day maintenance activities. The package was thoroughly scanned for viruses, trojans or any other type of malicious software and we confirm it is clean of any malware. There is no need for getting any activation code, send the registration message or anything like that since the program was declared to be completely free. It will work even without the necessity to install or register.

Just launch the AMOS Assist file and you may start using this software immediately with no delays. We do recommend it taking into account its user-friendliness and amount of time it allows to save.

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hi :

i like to now more about the program and if can used in my work
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