Anatomy of the Ship Series


The "Queen Mary" project commenced in May 1967 when the Cunard Line shipping company announced that the subject vessel would be put up for sale. The city authorities had previously intended to found a maritime museum in the downtown, and the government officials came to the following wise and historical conclusion: what better place for a maritime museum that on board one of the most famous ships in the world!

That made sense indeed and served as the basis for the establishment of the museum. It was also noted that, taking into account the size of the great liner, which was really huge, some areas of the vessel could easily accommodate such facilities as a hotel, some convention facilities, restaurants and shopping places, and there would still be more than enough room for the beautiful museum as it was originally envisaged... And, talking about this book, this one if the only Anatomy of the Ship book to cover a cruise liner.

Traditionally for this series, the publication is full with technical descriptions, photos, drawings etc, and will be very useful and interesting to any marine enthusiast as well as naval historian or model builder, since the amount of useful information that this book provides them with, is really outstanding...

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