Anchor Handling Manual Template

Author(s) Various Authors
Publisher MSF
Date 2008
Pages 45
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







The template to be used when preparing the anchor handling manual. The content of the manual shall be read and duly understood by all crew members who are either indirectly or directly engaged in any rig mode and towing activities. Special attention shall be paid to the stability of the ship and emergency procedures. The content of the template was developed by the specialists of the MSF, standing for the Marine Safety Forum.

It starts with the document description and information plus the revision status - this is the first page leading to the main content. The Manual is specifically intended to provide all required guidance for safe anchor handling activities conducted on board the vessel. It should be read and used together with the procedures established by the Company as well as relevant international guidelines and other procedures commonly provided by the charterers of the vessel. The anchor handling normally implies special marine operations.

Noting the high tensions that are experienced in the wires and chains we may expect high heeling moments; another consequence may be transverse/astern movements of the AHTS. In addition, the motion of the vessel may also get affected by the hauling speed of the winch or other factors such as the loss on the bollard pull... The content is arranged in several sections covering anchor handling operations, bollard pull calculations, procedures to be used for anchor handling and towing, risk assessment and stability calculations winch details, emergency procedures etc.

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