Anchor Handling Tug Operations

Author(s) I. C. Clark, M. Hancox
Publisher The ABR Company Ltd
Date 2012
Pages 271
Format pdf
Size 53 Mb







The main idea and intention of the authors of this brilliant title was to set out all necessary knowledge as well as the established methods and most workable techniques to be applied by the mariners willing to avoid getting in the risky situations with their anchor handling tug ships, or AHTS for short, when performing their day to day activities.

The forces acting on the ship hull during the routine operations have been analyzed, and capabilities of the vessels discussed in detail together with the relevant shipboard equipment. There are worked real life case studies included by the author in order to better illustrate the hazards experienced in the course of the anchor handling and towing operations.

Mainly aimed at the masters of the AHTS vessels and their crew members, the volume will be equally useful for the rig movers, tow masters and other specialists, including even the shore support personnel. The information is presented in a professional way, very understandable and concise, and the contents will be easily understandable for the mariners at all levels of skill and experience. It is definitely a must read book for all those intending to participate in the anchor handling and/or towing activities.

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