Applied reliability-centered maintenance

Author(s) Jim August
Publisher Pennwell
Date 2000
Pages 500
Format pdf
Size 80 Mb







Written by the professional engineer having decades of practical experience, the present volume is intended to be used by the people dealing with the RCM, standing for the reliability-centered maintenance model. The subject model was developed and first introduced by the United Stated Department of Defense.

The original idea was to apply the subject system for controlling the maintenance expenses during the project of the famous 747 air liner, when the idea was to improve the reliability of the craft. In the pages of this volume, the RCM model is being explained in detail to the industry engineers and maintenance technicians and managers in a purely practical way, thus eliminating the boring and too academically technical tone used in the traditional volumes.

As a result of his efforts, the author managed to offer his readers a perfect, concise and understandable guide on what exactly they shall to if they want to achieve the desired results. The volume starts with a general overview of the RC, followed with the maintenance aspects and RCM performance.

After that, the author proceeds to the applications of the RCM, supplementing the theoretical part with the real life examples, talking about all pros and cons. The maintenance software is covered in the separate chapter. Note that there is also a glossary of the terminology used for those who are relatively new to this subject.

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