Aquatecture - Architecture and Water

Author(s) Anthony Wylson
Publisher Architectural Press
Date 1986
Pages 224
Format pdf
Size 22 Mb







The relationships existing between the structures to their surroundings are considered basic and fundamental to the design cohesion and to the applicable engineering requirements. Anthony Wilson, who is the author of the present volume, has tried to study the architecture from the historical background and has also paid attention to the modern viewpoints.

The opening chapter of this volume is mainly examining the general historical context together with all relevant cultural aspects of the water element. The main body of the document consists of several chapters addressing the urban waterfront, and the interface between the urban life and coast/river and water environment in cases of conscious resort, plus water techniques for the achievement of the required visual and physical effects.

Numerous examples are supplementing the text part of this book and show the water spaces where the water element is deservedly considered fundamental to the general design. We all know that water provides a foundation for the human existence; however, it is really important to fully understand that a water is also a source of aesthetic pleasure, symbolism, and also therapeutic value, giving the expression to the moods of the nature and providing required substance to the seasonal changes, fashioning the landscapes...

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