Arctic Offshore Engineering

Author(s) Andrew Palmer, Ken Croasdal
Publisher World Scientific Pub Co Inc.
Date 2012
Pages 357
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







Nowadays, we may all witness the constantly increasing need for the construction of the new engineering structures in the region of Arctic seas. Subject requirement has actually been generated by the rapidly developing offshore oil and gas industry, taking into consideration that substantial reserves of the hydrocarbons are known and confirmed to be there.

Structures designed to work in the Arctic region should be capable of withstanding all severe environmental forces commonly generated by the sea ice - note that this subject is still quite far from being completely understood. The underwater pipelines should be safe against the strudel scour and ice gouging; moreover, they should be build in a safe manner and economically. In addition to that, we have to understand and take into account such important factors as the human environment and social factors plus some others.

The present volume is taking a broad view and accounts for the interactions that occur between different factors involved. Numerous case studies of the actual projects in the Arctic region are illustrating the main content of the work.

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