Arctic Shipping - Position Paper

Author(s) ICS
Publisher ICS
Date 2014
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And here is another very small publication, namely a document titled the "Arctic Shipping Position Paper", and it has been prepared and subsequently published by the ICS - that abbreviation stands for the "International Chamber of Shipping" - some time ago.

The original declared purpose of the compilers team of the present paper was to try and establish some major principles related to the governance of shipping activities in the Arctic geographical area plus the regulation of all vessels that are commonly navigating there.

The tables in the present booklet provide required info related to the reduction in major marine oil spills, comparison of carbon dioxide emissions occurring between various transport modes, together with the IMO agreement addressing all applicable technical regulations intended to assist with reduction in the ships' CO2, i.e. carbon dioxide. This useful reference document also outlines the seven fundamental principles.

In short, we would definitely note that this document should be treated as an attempt to establish some underlying principles relating to the governance of the relevant shipping activities in the Arctic region together with the regulations applicable to the vessels that are involved in navigation in the Arctic waters. A good supplementary document to be onboard of every ship navigating in the subject region.

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