basic cruising

Author(s) Diana B. Jessie
Publisher US Sailing Association
Date 2002
Pages 125
Format pdf
Size 19 Mb







The publication is second in the series of the sailing textbooks providing interested readers, especially beginners to boating and yachting, with all technical information they are to possess about mastering keelboats and sailing. As per the reviews by the readers, it is really a pleasure to use this volume. The content of the publication opens the doors to the new and exciting world and is offering the information considered essential for the safe, enjoyable and comfortable sailing.

The volume is highly recommended to the people with the interest in sailing, particularly to the new sailors wishing to learn how to sail using the established and time proven methods that have been developed by the world recognized cruising experts. The declared concept of these publications was to provide readers with what they need to be aware of at each stage of the training associated with their on-the-water experience.

Once the readers have successfully mastered the very fundamentals of handling keelboats presented in this Basic Keelboat course, they should keep progressing with the Basic Cruising course to get into much more advanced areas and refine the cruising skills they already have plus learn new skills, for example anchoring the boat and intro to piloting. People who have satisfactorily completed the course and apply their knowledge on the water, will be able to take the small boats on their own and command a crew...

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