Basic Electrical Engineering

Author(s) U. A. Bakshi, V. U. Bakshi
Publisher Technical Publications
Date 2009
Pages 625
Format pdf
Size 28.8 Mb







The book starts with the very fundamentals of the electricity - subject chapter explains the structure of matter and concept of charge, current and electromotive force, charge-current relation, electric resistance, conductivity and resistivity, how temperature affects resistance, insulation resistance, batteries and cells, cell types and terminology involved.

The second chapter deals with the direct current circuits - terminology, their classification, sources of energy, voltage and current division, combination of sources, fundamental laws, source transformation, basic rules, theorems, and concepts. The next chapter addresses magnetic circuits - magnets and their properties, magnetic field, fundamental laws, pole strength, magnetic flux, permeability, reluctance, comparison of electric and magnetic circuits, etc.

Then there comes a chapter dedicated to the electromagnetic induction - the readers will know about Faraday's experiment and his laws of induction, nature of the induced EMF, dynamically-, statically-, self-induced and mutually induced electromagnetic force, energy that is being stored in the magnetic field, etc.

The contents of the book is huge so we will just say in short that the other chapters cover electrostatics, alternate current fundamentals, single-phase and poly-phase A/C circuits, single-phase transformers and so much more useful info.

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