Battleship Sharnhorst

Author(s) Gerhard Koop, Klaus-Peter Schmolk
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 1998
Pages 66
Format pdf
Size 33 Mb







This book is mainly dedicated to the famous battleship Scharnhorst, though some part of it is taken with the comparison to her sister vessel Gneisenau. The publication belongs to the Military Book Club series and contains the brief general history of ship construction as well as most important technical data plus some additional notes on crew training, life on board the vessel etc, supplemented with the number of photographs.

There are following chapters in the book: Shipbuilding - The construction of a ship; Crew Training; Technical Data of Scharnhorst; Engine Room Combat readiness; Scharnhorst Career Notes; Gneisenau and Scharnhorst; A Pictorial History of Scharnhorst; Camouflage Patterns; Scharnhorst as a Scale Model; The Plans and Plan Keys.

The information included by the author into this remarkably interesting book has been found very interesting and useful by a broad audience of readers starting from the general readers and up to the specialists and naval historians. We would definitely recommend this volume because of the amount and quality of the presented information plus informative and colorful illustrations letting readers get a clear and full picture.

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