Author(s) Stanley Sandler
Publisher ABC-CLIO
Date 2004
Pages 250
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







Another interesting historical publication addressing the naval warships, this one being dedicated to the battleships. Starting from the ancient times and to the Second World War and post-war period, the content of the present volume is charting the evolution of the vessels that used to rule the seas - the vessels that would be most complex and expensive human-made moving objectives in the whole history, until the introduction of the aircraft carriers.

The text part of the volume is supplemented with more than forty photographs making clear all defining features of each design covered. The content of the book is featuring a listing of the ironclads and battleships plus the dreadnoughts arranged in alphabetical order and including the names and countries plus causes of the losses, locations and dates.

According to the reviews of this book provided by the numerous readers, including professional naval historians and just enthusiasts, the publication has been found to give a thorough and lively analysis of all major warships in the history and shall be treated as a must-have for the military readers and all other people with the interest in naval activities. The chapters of the book start with the wooden battleships and then move through the steam and dreadnought to the later eras, covering various approaches to the styles and effectiveness of the associated warfare...

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