Boat Crew Seamanship Manual

Author(s) USCG
Publisher Military Bookshop
Date 2014
Pages 898
Format pdf
Size 21 Mb







The present official Manual was prepared by USCG to present the approved procedures and established methods to be used when conducting boat operations. The text part of the manual is fully illustrated with very informative images. The book has been deservedly treated by the readers as the best resource for the crews. The content if written in a very easy-to read language making it very convenient to use.

The materials contained in the publication are arranged in twenty chapters all important aspects. For example, the first chapter of the book is dealing with the boat crew, duties of the crew members and watch standing responsibilities, determining the crew size as well as certification and qualification of the crew members, description, knowledge and performance skills of the trainees, crew members, engineers, coxwains and surfmen, lookout watch including night watch, towing watch and helm watch, anchor watch and other relevant matters.

The next chapter is dealing with the auxiliary operational missions while the third one covers the main factors of crew efficiency. Then the authors proceed to the team coordination, management of the associated risks, first aid, pyrotechnics, characteristics of the boat, survival equipment, boat stability, communications, navigation techniques, boat handling and many other aspects.

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