Boating at Night

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This instructional video was developed by John Owens, Chief Editor of the Boating Magazine. Running a boat at night time is often a wonderful experience; however sometimes it can be really dangerous. In this video the trainees will be shown some of the skills which they will definitely need not only to make their boating at night safe but also making it with a lot of fun. We will start with the planning.

The proper planning of your boating is one of the most important measures to take to provide safety. Obviously, when planning your boating route you shall try and avoid shipping lanes. Such areas are even most hazardous for the boaters at night due to lower visibility. Make sure that you are able to observe all marks since failure to do so will create additional problems and eventually result in serious consequences...

In short, the content of this training video shall be checked by all boaters regardless of their skills, theoretical knowledge and practical experience since there can never bee too much of safety. Thanks to the way the author explains the things, the instructions provided in this video will be easy to follow even to the people with no experience, i.e. newcomers to the world of boating.

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