Bridge team management

Author(s) Captain Alan J. Swift FNI
Publisher The Nautical Institute
Date 2004
Pages 128
Format pdf
Size 18 Mb







Have a look in this second edition of the practical guide released to shed some light on the major aspects of the bridge team management. Nowadays, most of the marine accidents take place due to the lack of operational system that would allow for detection and prevention of the human mistakes.

The content of the present volume has been designed specifically to make the sea voyages be performed in a safe way through provision of the detailed and clear explanations of how the various parts of the bridge team management shall be carried out. The material contained in the first edition of the volume has been significantly reworked and updated with the very latest IMO recommendations explained in a good seafaring language.

One of the key requirements for the safe manning and operation any vessel is having the high class and duly equipped crew. This is actually what every Captain and officer wishes; however, same is not always possible, considering the difficult economic times.

Sometimes the crew consists of the personalities possessing different sort of abilities, and working on the equipment that should be replaced long time ago. But, it is still possible to reach maximum results providing that every single team member plays his or her role, and this is what the present volume is about.

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