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The version 3.2 of the recognized and popular BunkerMaster marine application that was developed by the professionals of the DNV Petroleum Services and was proven to be very effective. This compact software offers users a perfect suite of valuable applications as well as info-updates and tools intended to assist crew members in different aspects of the fuel management.

The most important features of the present program would include calculation of the fuel change-over helping to properly plan the switching from normal-sulphur to low-sulphur fuel oil and vice versa at the time when vessel enters or leaves ECA, determination and conversion of the fuel quantity assisting in working out the quality of the fuel to be delivered to the vessel, calculation and conversion of the energy content for proper evaluation, calculation of fuel blending which helps to find an accurate fuel blend ratio and minimize any stability and compatibility issues, etc.

Believe it is needless to underline that such a wide choice of available tools makes this software very useful to everyone involved in the fuel management of the vessel, bunkering activities, persons responsible for the quality of the fuel, control of the emissions to the atmosphere and all other related issues.

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I need Dnv bunker master.i am a marin engineer .thank gou
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