Cargo Handling and the Modern Port.

Author(s) Robert Bruce Oram
Publisher Pergamon Press
Date 1965
Pages 173
Format pdf
Size 16.5 Mb







There were two main objectives which the author of this nice book did bear in mind when he was preparing it for release. Firstly, it was his attempt to define the main functions of a sea port in general; his second aim was  to explain to the readers how these functions were affected by the silent revolution that has taken place in the major ports of the world since 1945.

All ports are different and it was very difficult task to write a book that would set out every variation of port management and practice in a readable manner. Robert Oram set out the very basic principles applying to the majority of ports. As a result, this book is easy to read and understand and will definitely be considered a nice reference book for everyone involved in the shipping industry. All ports are different and their layout is determined by geographical factors. From the administrative point of view, ports differ even within the same country. You know, even if it was possible to prepare a publication that would set out in detail every variation of practice and management in the port, it would definitely be unreadable.

The author of this book used the alternative approach - he set out the very basic principles applicable to majority of the ports. As declared by him, this approach was used with the intention to make the book readable.

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