Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen

Author(s) Mary Blewitt
Publisher Adlard Coles Nautical
Date 2017
Pages 96
Format pdf
Size 17 Mb







Here is one of the most popular books on celestial navigation which will be particularly appreciated by the yachtsmen. The content will provide you with the remarkably definitive guidance to the navigation including both theory and practice, and the information is presented in a very concise and clear way. In fact, this is a classic primer. The book may also be used as an excellent refresher for those who had studied celestial navigation in the past.

However, it can also be used as a stand-alone training resource since it provides full explanations of everything required. According to the numerous readers’ reviews from all around the world, this publication is a sort of model of clarity and simplicity. The use of the mathematics has been reduced to a minimum to make understanding of the material easier.

We all understand that the use of celestial navigation remains the basic lifesaving emergency skill even in today’s world of electronic navigation aids. That is why it is recommended to all navigators to possess such knowledge before they start sailing – you never know when the things can go wrong so why do not you get prepared to a worst case scenario and provide the safety of your vessel at all times.

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