Celestial Navigation in a Teacup

Author(s) Roger E. Farley
Publisher Verizon
Date 2009
Pages 94
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







The original intention of the author of this volume was to prepare a book that would be used as the useful self-teaching instrument for the people having a desire to learn more about the celestial navigation from both academic and practical points of view. The content of this volume will for sure interest the experienced marine navigators who have got tires of "turning the crank" with the navigation tables and who are willing to have some better technical knowledge of the subject.

The author has intentionally not covered the old-fashioned methods implying utilization of the sight reduction tables together with the pre-computed solutions, taking into account the wide usage of the electronic calculators and computers. The reference has been made by the author to the H.O. 229 and H.O. 249 methods and the author presented the fundamental background as well as the equations enabling readers to perform their own calculations and come to the correct answers having a proper understanding of the process and using only the calculator, note that the scientific one will be required having the trigonometric and inverse functions.

The book starts with the historical overview and some basic information, followed with the description of the concepts of celestial navigation, using the sextant, corrections commonly made to the measurements, sight reduction, lunars, star identification, and other topics considered important.

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