Chronobiology of Marine Organisms

Author(s) Ernest Naylor
Publisher Ernest Naylor
Date 2010
Pages 242
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







Today, the role of the chronobiology is in proper understanding of the time base of both marine animals and plants, along with their behavior, physiology and ecology, is being deservedly recognized and this recognition is constantly increasing. It shall be noted, however, that the major portion of all efforts that have been made by the scientists so far was focusing on the seasonal/daily rhythmicity that is commonly associated with the solar periodicity.

In his publication the author, Ernest Naylor, who is the expert in his field, has made a brilliant attempt to describe how exactly the marine organisms ranging from the single cells and up to the vertebrates, and living in estuaries, as well as in the open-ocean and on the sea shores, evolved the bio-clockwork together with the mechanisms of synchronization controlling their rhythmic processes and also their navigational behavior.

The author has also applied a hypo-testing and experimental approach and, as a result, this volume could be used by the any-level students of marine science, marine biology and ecology, oceanography, behavior of the animals and all other biological sciences; it will also be very useful when used as an into for researchers, such as the biologists, biochemists and physiologists, making their first steps in chronobiology.

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