Circuitbuilding for Dummies

Author(s) H. Ward Silver
Publisher For Dummies
Date 2008
Pages 412
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







This easy-to-understand book gives a funny and very easy way for beginners to start building electrical circuits for their projects. Have you ever tried to construct you own electronic device, or repair a cable for the microphone, or do anything like this?

Here is an excellent publication for you, that will be actually of great use for such enthusiasts. Inside this book the readers will find all necessary techniques and tools they require to start building the circuits - note that the material presented in the book is supplemented with the very well-illustrated instructions helping readers with accomplishing the tasks and completing the projects. You will be able to construct so many projects while learning the most important principles and techniques of the electric circuit building.

You will also get some useful information related to the testing and measuring, troubleshooting, maintenance, electric cables and connectors etc. The book addresses nearly all stuff you have to know and provides all required tools together with the explanation of their proper use; you will know how to make sense of electrical schemes, understand the basic techniques for creating circuits, start making and repairing connectors and cables, get aware of the good procedures for maintenance and testing etc...

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