Classical Mechanics - An Introduction

Author(s) Dieter Strauch
Publisher Springer
Date 2010
Pages 405
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







Here is an excellent textbook on classical mechanics that was prepared for students who specialize in physics. As per the author, the main difference of this book from the other available textbooks is a separation of the basics and axioms from various practical applications. The publication is arranged in ten chapters and appendices. For sure, it will be very useful to the students and lecturers. In fact, the scope of the present volume s twofold.

The intention of that author was not to blur the physics with math intricacies, that is why all required mathematical techniques have been transferred to the appendices at the end of the book. It is very important to duly realize that physics is not considered an exact science; it is rather the approximation of the math description of various processes in nature. The author has made an attempt to concentrate mostly on the practical applications and different calculation techniques rather than on the pure theory.

Though the methods and structure of theoretical physics are extremely interesting, it is still indispensable to possess a proper and thorough understanding of the theory with the fundamental results if you want to properly handle and apply them. That is why this publication shall serve more as an introduction to theoretical mechanics rather than to the formal theoretical physics. The book will really be very useful for all students and also to the engineers of various disciplines.​

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