Collisions and their causes

Author(s) Captain Richard A. Cahill MBA FNI
Publisher The Nautical Institute
Date 2002
Pages 537
Format pdf
Size 10 Mb







It goes without saying that no one would like to be reminded about their accidents, however we shall all understand and accept the importance of learning from mistakes. Nowadays, the maritime navigation is aided by the various technically sophisticated integrated systems of e-navigation installed on board most of the vast majority of modern ships to provide precise positioning of the vessel, as well as detecting and heading functions, all making the navigation much easier than it used to be decades and centuries ago.

But still all ship masters and owners shall possess due knowledge of the risks of collision and/or stranding that remain present and shall be accounted for at all times, since failure to do so can eventually result in the severe and even tragic consequences, although the stranding and collision cases are relatively rare today.

The idea of the author of this brilliant title was to remind readers that it is critically important to effectively manage the above mentioned risks, enabling the ship officers to apply the associated rules in a consistent manner, contributing to the safety of the ship, people on board, and environment. It is a great one for those having enough prescience and determination to go through this collection of selected incidents, and analyze the associated situations and root causes.

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