Common Errors in English

Author(s) Paul Hancock
Publisher Penguin English
Date 2001
Pages 84
Format pdf
Size 56 Mb







Every single person trying to learn English language makes more or less same mistakes at start, and this book is primarily intended to show readers examples of such mistakes, how to correct and avoid them in the future. Paul Hancock, who is the author of the book, has included more than thee hundred of most frequently made mistakes - note that most of the mistakes shown in the book have been illustrated, so the reader can see what people really say when they make them!

Such approach helps readers to properly understand why exactly they are wrong, and to stop making these mistakes. This book contains ten chapters which cover different areas like work, family, travel, education. Each of the chapters has five sections containing more than three hundred typical mistakes including grammar, prepositions and confused words, supplemented with the review exercises. The explanations of the mistakes provided in the publication are very simple and concise. Each of the pages can be studied on its own, and since the number of the examples contained on one page is not that large, readers are able to choose any page and are more than welcome to spend some minutes learning about those errors.

You will learn much more by doing some quick study like this on the regular basis. Check a few mistakes every day and you will see how you begin to remember them. It will be very useful to anyone who wants to improve his English and avoid the mistakes.

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