Compressor Handbook - Principles and Practice

Author(s) Anthony Giampaolo
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2010
Pages 300
Format pdf
Size 11 Mb







The original intention of the author of this publication was to provide readers with basic technical knowledge allowing them to understand the construction and working principles of the compressors, namely of the dynamic and positive displacement types.

He managed to address all technical aspects of their operation and performance. People who spend some of their time going through the pages of this book, will for sure learn nearly everything they may need to know and will be able to select and operate these compressors safely and effectively - they will also have the idea of correct troubleshooting in case of necessity. The readers will know how to communicate with the peers, manufacturers, and sales personnel. Several selected real life case studies have been included by the author to supplement the theory. This publication demonstrates the investigative methods that are used to identify and subsequently isolate various causes, e.g. operating errors, design deficiencies, changes of the machinery process, environmental conditions, manufacturing defects etc.

Improving such skills will definitely help workers to return to their workplaces and do their job even more effectively. Compressors form very important part of the machinery on board; that is why their installation and operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair should be performed at the highest level possible, to avoid any sort of technical problems that may be encountered.

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