Container ship safety

Author(s) Kadri Sezer, Baris Zimba, Dogan Kaya
Publisher Marine Training
Date 20116
Pages 58
Format pdf
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It goes without saying that safety is top priority in the container shipping. It shall be remembered at all times that ineffective management of the risks involved can eventually lead to such consequences as loss of human life, damage to the ship, cargo, environment and, of course, reputation. The operators and owners of the vessels look to their class societies seeking proper guidance through the design and construction as well as operation of the vessels in order to ensure safety at sea.

The first container ships built in the 1950s were converted tankers. Subsequently, dedicated designs for container vessels have been developed. Today, there is more than 60 years, experience in designing, building and operating container vessels. Container ship safety is addressed mainly to shippers; however, every single person engaged in container transportation by sea, shall be duly aware of the importance of handling containers in safe and correct manner...

The present training resource will be of great practical interest and use not only to the newcomers to the maritime container shipping industry but also to the professional mariners engaged in the transportation of the containers willing to refresh their basic knowledge.

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