Control valve handbook

Author(s) Emerson Project Management
Publisher LLC Fisher Controls International
Date 2005
Pages 283
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







The control valves are considered vital components of the modern manufacturing, and their significance importance is constantly increasing. It is very important to perform proper selection and maintenance of the control valves in order to get the safety, efficiency, ecology and profitability increased and maintained at high level. The present volume shall serve as a primary reference source since the time of the original printing several decades back.

And this fourth release of the book is presenting the vital technical information related to the performance of these valves and the recent developments. The first chapter offers a brief introduction to the valves, providing the commonly used definitions for the applied terminology. The second chapter is developing the topic of the valve performance, while the third chapter is covering the control valves together with the types of actuators. The following chapter provides the descriptions of the analog positioners and digital controllers, boosters and some other accessories, while the fifth chapter contains a concise yet truly comprehensive guidance to the selection of the best valves for the particular applications.

The remaining chapters provide the required information about the desuperheaters and bypass systems, installation and maintenance procedures to be followed, recognized standards and agencies entitled to approve the design and construction of the control valves, piping reference data, common conversions and engineering reference data tables. The volume shall be used as the reference book and also as a textbook...

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