Davit Launched Liferaft Training

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As the title implies, this short video film is intended to provide the crew members of the vessels as well as all other interested persons with some basic training on the launching of the marine inflatable liferafts, namely ones requiring the davits for launching. Such liferafts are the the important and integral part of the lifesaving appliances set of any vessel.

The number and capacity of the liferafts is governed by SOLAS Convention. The proper training is very important since the qualified crew will be one of the security blankets providing safe launching and subsequent survival of the ship personnel and passengers in case of the disaster.

Thorough and deep understanding of the construction of every single piece of lifesaving equipment and associated appliances is one of the key factors that may play a critically important role. Every crew member shall be aware of the lifesaving arrangements on board and get familiarized with their working principles, be able to launch and operate them.

We would recommend to watch this video to every crew member; however, it will be good even to the people not normally sailing but visiting the ships and offshore installations on a regular basis - you never know what may happen and would better be prepared for the worst case scenario - who knows may be you will be the one to save your own life and the lives of people on board.

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