decacenter centrifuge handbook

Author(s) Alan Records, Ken Sutherland
Publisher Elsevier
Date 2001
Pages 439
Format pdf
Size 15 Mb







The present volume has been specifically designed in a form of the reference source intended to assist the process designers and personnel using the decanters. It shall aim to eliminate the existing info gap in the subject field - the gap that is there between academic theory being promoted in the relevant student textbooks and data provided within the numerous case studies in manufacturers documents.

The publication contains valuable technical information directly related not only to the design but also to the specification that will prepare readers to select the equipment and size it correctly. The users would also be provided with the full facts before they commence the ordering process and communicating with the vendors, thus enabling them to have a full picture. The book will also allow readers to track suppliers of the associated equipment and get a basis on which they can find new relevant companies for the parts or services to be ordered.

Moreover, this publication is also covering all relevant process operating issues, for example instrumentation/control, use of flocculent and others. Definitely recommended to all people dealing with the above mentioned activities and required to possess a proper understanding of all related matters.

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