destroyer escorts in action

Author(s) Al Adcock
Publisher Squadron/Signal Publishing
Date 1997
Pages 50
Format pdf
Size 47 Mb







Here is another nice and informative booklet chock released to provide people interested in naval warfare and history with a real wealth of information relating to the destroyer escorts at the time of the Second World War. The text of the book is supplemented with numerous data tables, detailed ship line drawings and numerous photographs.

The design and further construction of literally hundreds of destroyers escorts is considered one of the most amazing achievements of the American industry during the Second World War. Subject vessels were constructed with the intention of the government to protect the convoys of the Allied forces worldwide.

Nearly six hundred destroyer escorts were constructed serving the United States Navy and Coast Guard, as well as the Royal Navy together with the navy fleets of Brazil and France. The author of the present book, Al Adcock, has managed to summarize the story of the destroyer escorts.

The document features numerous close-up photos and general view, also addressing the machinery of the vessels, their equipment and electrical installations etc. Each class of the vessels covered in the content of the volume has been nicely illustrated. The comprehensive text and great artwork of the book has already made this book a winner.

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