Author(s) Eric Osborne
Publisher ABC-CLIO
Date 2006
Pages 306
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







The present book written by Eric Osborne is aimed to provide the readers with the historical and technical information about the destroyers of the Arleigh Burke class treated as the extremely powerful combatants in the whole naval history. The Arleigh Burke class was initially commissioned in 1991 and that moment is deservedly considered the genuine culmination of the evolution of the destroyers - and this volume captures the timely and quite vivid history of the most popular warships of the world.

The text of the publication is filled with the vivid photographs together with the technical illustrations that provide the details of the destroyers, from the very first vessel of that type up to today. The publication also contains an exhaustive and very useful glossary including the technological innovations and prominent individuals, wars and naval battles in which the vessels of this type participated, plus the diplomatic agreements that affect their development.

The information contained in the present remarkable work will be of truly great practical interest to the people who like the naval history and also to the persons interested in the naval warfare and willing to get more technical information about this class of vessels. Have a look and you will definitely appreciate the detailed information and illustrations supplementing the text.

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