Deutz Engine 3D Screensaver

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Absolutely amazing screensaver prepared by the world famous German engine manufacturing company named Deutz AG - the software consists of a truly excellent 3D animation developed to demonstrate the whole assembly process. The screensaver will run on any version of MS Windows, the pack was verified to be free of any type of malware like viruses and trojans.

The video is accompanied by nice music; however, if required, it can be turn off using the settings panel of the screensaver. Watch this video and you will for sure say it is a beauty in motion - of course, if you are an engineer! Apart from its primary aim to work as a screensaver, it will be critically useful when used to show people how the engines work and explain how the parts of the engine move and interact with each other. 

We would recommend this screensaver to anyone who likes engineering and want to have a good watch from inside on how the engines operate. Though the engine demonstrated in the animation is not the one for marine installation, the operating principle of all internal combustion engines remains same so we would say it is a good training for the future engineers. The detalization level of the animation is really remarkable and deserving your attention.

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