Dockmaster Training Manual

Author(s) Heger Dry Dock
Publisher Heger Dry Dock
Date 2005
Pages 278
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







Since dock masters are not marine or structural engineers, they are not commonly expected to be able to design dry docks. However, they should know how to operate their docks in a manner that would allow to avoid the operational limits of the dock that were originally set by the designers.

A fundamental understanding of how exactly dry dock is designed and constructed will provide required insight into the operational limitations derived. In turn, this technical knowledge will assist dock masters when they are performing the assessment of the situations not meeting standard procedures.

The book starts with descriptions of the main types of dry docks, followed by the chapter addressing the docking plan. The third chapter of the manual lists and explains the vessel characteristics considered important when dry docking, while the rest of the chapters are dealing with the block loading, stability matters, block construction, predicting the condition of the ship at undocking, established dry docking procedures, ship handling, pumping plan and tips on its developing, certification of the dry dock, ratings and inspections, transfer systems. The book concludes with several solved problems providing necessary practical information. An excellent training source for the dock masters.

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