VDrew Ameroid Marine - Tank Cleaning Manual

Author(s) Drew Ameroid Marine
Publisher Drew Ameroid Marine
Date 2012
Pages var.
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The information and facts contained in this manual have been researched and correlated employing chemists, industry experts and various users of tank cleaning chemicals. However, the information should not be construed as a definitive warranty for the guaranteeing of any specific tank cleaning process, especially during times of exceptional conditions or circumstances. Tank cleaning, in general, is an expensive activity.

However, the washing of tanks using chemicals is often a great aid to minimizing cleaning costs and achieving the desired degree of residue control. The aim of each tank cleaning operation is to render every tank or hold suitable for immediate commencement of loading cargo or performing repairs available in the most efficient manner possible. This tank cleaning should be accomplished with the optimum combination of cost, time and manpower. In addition, ensuring that the environment remains uncontaminated by pollutants. The degree and extent of the type of cleaning required depends upon the exact nature of the product to be loaded and upon the characteristics of the cargoes which were previously carried, especially the last cargo.

If the cargo to be loaded is of a similar nature to the cargo immediately discharged, then cleaning work is usually minimal. The type of cleaning chemical selected will also depend upon whether or not the tank has been coated. Very often it is necessary to prepare the holds or tanks of a vessel to receive an entirely different cargo. This can often only be achieved in the time available by using a carefully selected chemical cleaning process which will aid the rapid and complete removal of tenacious residues and sediments.

Indispensable to the efficient cleaning of tanks is a clear understanding of the nature of the problems and the products involved. The essence, therefore, of good tank cleaning is to use the correct mechanical equipment with properly selected cleaning chemicals applied in the approved fashion for the type of residues to be removed and the cargo to be received.

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