Drilling and producing offshore

Author(s) R. Stewart Hall
Publisher PenWell Corporation
Date 1984
Pages 260
Format pdf
Size 50 Mb







The drilling and production conducted offshore have always been considered a highly complicated and also very technically challenging operations. With the rapid increase in the drilling activities seen in the late seventeens and early eighteens the demand for much more technically qualified and specialized personnel have appeared- there was a demand for the people who could properly design and execute all the phases of both drilling and production processes.

However, it has become very difficult for the people to get a proper general technical overview of the complete scope of the activities. The main intention of the present book it to try and present all interested readers with the detailed examination of the specialized modern techniques together with the designs and materials, providing the participants of the offshore industry with the comprehensive overview of drilling/production operations conducted offshore.

Nowadays, taking into account the constantly increasing demand for the oil, the offshore drilling and production activities concentrate in the increasingly difficult--to-access areas. The offshore oil wells are not considered novelties any more. In addition, the future technical developments in the field of oil recovery offshore will definitely bring even more changes o the production sciences that shall be taken into consideration by the designers...

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