Electrical Power Systems

Author(s) Dipayan Das
Publisher New Age International Publishers
Date 2007
Pages 484
Format pdf
Size 5.5 Mb







For the past half-century or even more than that, the electrical energy has significantly diversified and got much broader. There are several new topic areas that range from light-wave technology to the microelectro-mechanics. The book has been prepared and released with the specific intention to keep pace with the industry progress mentioned above.

The technical info contained in this publication can hardly be found in any other publication, presented in a single volume. The opening chapter of the publication provides readers with quite a brief intro to the basic concepts that are relating to the electrical power system structure, just an overview, while the following two parts have been solely dedicated to the parameters of the multi-circuit transmission lines. Then, the steady state and transient presentations are discussed together with the modeling of the synchronous machines.

After that, the chapters come dealing with the power system component modeling and covering the modeling, performance and compensation of the transmission lines, presenting the coverage of the load flow solutions, covering balanced and unbalanced flow analysis, discussing upon the key concepts of power system stability types, AGC of interconnected and isolated electric power systems etc.

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