Electrical Power Systems Quality

Author(s) Surya Santoso, H. Wayne Beaty
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2002
Pages 528
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







The issue of the quality of the generated/provided electric power is becoming more and more important for the electric utilities as well as for the end users. Nowadays, the engineers involved in the power quality matters are trying to deal with such issues by means of the system approach.

We would use the "power quality" as the common term to describe the core subject of the present publication; however, it should be noted as necessary that in most of the cases the voltage quality is being addressed. From the technical point of view, power represents the rate of energy delivery and it would be quite difficult to try to define the quality of the power. The book consists of eleven major chapters with the first one being introductory and describing the scope of the book.

The 2nd chapter provides descriptions of most commonly used terms and definitions, the 3rd chapter addresses the voltage sags/interruptions, the 4th deals with the overvoltage problem, the 5th provides the fundamentals of harmonics... the rest of the chapters deal with the applied harmonics, long-duration voltage variations, benchmarking of the power quality, distributed generation, grounding and wiring issues. and monitoring of the power quality. Some of the applicable industry standards have also been mentioned in the last chapter together with the references.

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