Electrical Properties of Materials

Author(s) Lazslo Solymar, Donald Walsh
Publisher Oxford University Press
Date 2010
Pages 480
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







This book features quite informal and accessible style of writing, combined with a simple treatments of math, and a very clear guidelines to applications - all this have made the publication one of the best selling and most popular ones in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics. The readers will find this book comprehensive though very readable.

The authors have emphasized all fundamental ideas that are relevant to the correct understanding of the various electrical properties of materials. All topics in the publication have been selected with the author's intent to explain the principles of construction/operation of various devices used in engineering or proposed for future use in the industry. The use of math has been kept to a minimum owing to choosing the simplest model capable of displaying the essential properties of a phenomenon.

Most of the sections in this book are self contained and might actually be used as background reading. All challenging topics have been explained in this publication and we specifically recommend this reading to anyone having the materials science/materials engineering background. However, it suits everyone - the authors made their best to explain the technology using the introductory-level physics and mathematics.

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