Electrical wiring handbook

Author(s) Edward L. Safford Jr.
Publisher TAB Books
Date 1980
Pages 432
Format pdf
Size 109 Mb







As the readers begin their journey through this brilliant book, they will get to know absolutely everything related to the electricity used nearly everywhere owing to the detailed examination and analysis by the author. Of course, the author duly appreciated the differences in the electrical wiring requirements applied in different areas. The wiring will be examined in detail, leaving no unanswered questions.

In fact, the intention was that the readers would not only why the wiring is done this way or another, but also how same is accomplished by the specialists. The content was developed based on the valuable contributions by the industry professionals – the master electricians featuring excellent theoretical knowledge and decades of practical experience. First of all, the essential circuit types will be examined together with composition of electricity and its handling.

There will be interesting information given on the wires and the way the electricity actually flows. Of course, you also should have the basic understanding of the electrical insulation including the most commonly used types and their application. In short, the volume covers absolutely everything you would need to know in order to feel confident when dealing with the electrical wiring anywhere.

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