Electronic Navigation Systems

Author(s) L. Tetley and D. Calcutt
Publisher Butterworth—Heinemann
Date 2001
Pages 423
Format pdf
Size 13 Mb







The content of the new release of the book has been rewritten in a very extensive way in order to provide mariners with a finely detailed practical manual that would cover the operating principles and real life applications of contemporary electronic systems used for the navigation.

We have all witnessed the technological advances in the field of marine navigation technology with the spearheading of these advances being the implementation of the computers - they are now quite commonly found on board nearly every marine ship. The ship officers of the new generation have been already trained to use them, understand their working principles and, the most important, understand how the computers could assist in safe ship navigation. However, thinking that the technology is perfect, is a big mistake.

Yes, most of the systems used on board ships are nearly as perfect as they have been designed to be, but you shall never ignore the possibility of the human error, as the human link is critically important one in the chain of action-reaction. And, of course, it is the Master of the ship who is carrying the ultimate responsibility. The readers of this volume will find many newly introduced electronic systems covered, together with new navigation techniques. The content supports the STCW training requirements.

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