Engineering Mathematics Pocket Book

Author(s) John Bird
Publisher Routledge
Date 2008
Pages 544
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







A very good collection of essential formulas, definitions and data tables, as well as general information, was released to provide readers with the math information that is required by students, practicing engineers, technicians and scientists in their day-to-day activities. The publication has been recognized as a very versatile resource; the layout of the present fourth edition of the volume has been changed in comparison to the previous release.

The content of the book has been streamlined in order to ensure that the information contained in it can be accessed even more quickly - and such approach has made this book a very handy companion which can be used on-site, in the office or even for the self-study. The author of the volume has managed to cover all necessary information, from mathematics to differential equations and theory of probability. All theoretical items have been provided with succinct and very clear explanations and also illustrated with more than three hundred line drawings and five hundred worked exampled taken from the real life.

The focus throughout the volume has been made on the provision of practical instruments required to solve the important mathematical problems in a quick and efficient way in engineering contexts. The way of presentation used by the author puts all the answers at the reader's fingerprints...

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