Engineering Mechanics

Author(s) K. L. Kumar
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2006
Pages 787
Format pdf
Size 27 Mb







This third revised edition of the Engineering Mechanics provides all interested people with all required information related to this field. The book starts with the general overview of the engineering mechanics, including the different formulations, external/internal forces, relevant sciences, key laws of mechanics and gravitations, force transmissibility, foundational concepts etc.

It is followed by the review section dedicated to the SI units and vectors. The second chapter of the volume deals with forces and their systems, including associated concepts, resultants of various force systems, for example concurrent, parallel, coplanar and spatial force system, gravitational and hydrostatic force fields etc. The third part of the book is dealing with the equilibrium analysis of the static systems and includes the coverage of the equilibrium concept, reactions by supports, equilibrium of particles, rigid bodies and systems of particles, and free-body diagrams.

Remaining chapters of the textbook are dealing with the simple structures, friction issues, thin rigid beams, central points, kinematics of particles and point in general, dynamic of a particle and of the mass centre, kinematics and dynamics of a rigid body, moment of inertia, motion of the central force, virtual work, vibrations, principles of the potential energy. An absolutely recommended source of information for students as well as for engineers and other specialists.

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