This English training software coming under the world famous Essential Grammar in Use title is the first of the three parts of the best-selling course developed by the grammar expert Raymond Murphy and subsequently released by the Cambridge University Press. The current edition has been significantly updated.

The computer-based version contains absolutely all information required for the students and is supplemented by numerous practical exercises that were presented in the hardcopy and retains all features of clarity, that is why it is so easy to follow and this explains the popularity of the book and CBT (i.e. computer-based training) course among learners and teachers of English.

This training program is recommended to be used for self-study purposes or in the classroom. The CD-ROM edition offers even more practice. No need for cracks, codes or anything like that. No viruses. Just install and start learning.

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The present training resource has been originally developed specifically for those who study English for working in the field of logistics. It consists of three files. The book itself covers eight main topics staring from the introduction to logistics, and then covering inventory management and procurement, logistics services, planning and arranging transport, modes of transport, shipping goods, warehousing, storage, finance and finally documentation.

There is a set of audio files included in this training pack to help users improve the pronunciation. The last third part titled "English for Logistics MultiROM", is containing numerous interactive exercises plus some other valuable data. The training material was compiled by Marion Grussendorf, Oxford Business English series. We would recommend to us it either as a standalone course of English or in conjunction with other course-books to get the best results. In fact, one of the best profession-specific English courses available.

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The present collection of training materials was prepared by Mr. J. D. O'Connor, Professor of Phonetics in the University of London. The pack consists of the book itself supplemented with the eight high-quality audio files in mp3 format. The intention is to cover following seven matters considered most important and telling the students how exactly the speech organs work (in English language), different problems in pronunciation, the English consonants and vowels in English, intonation issued and consonant sequences, plus the words in company.

This material on which this training course is based will be useful for all learners of English language who are willing to significantly improve their pronunciation. Use the audio files and check if your pronunciation differs from the one recommended by the compilers of the course. Try and follow the recommendations presented and you will reach the goal.

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This is one of the most popular and successful English Grammar book in the history. This pack of files contains not only the book itself but also a very useful and practical grammar training software developed on the basis of the original content.

The program covers virtually all important aspects of English grammar and contains a huge number of exercises supplemented with the keys for self-check an tracking of the progress.

We are quite sure that using this training program you will get your English grammar skills significantly improved within a short period of time, and this is one of the main practical advantages of both the book and the software - it can be used by anyone regardless of their level, and note that you do not have to follow the training sequence presented in the book, you are absolutely free to start with any unit, this approach has made the original volume and, subsequently, this software so popular among learners of English.

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