English Business Letters

Author(s) F. W. King, D. Ann Cree
Publisher Longman
Date 1991
Pages 163
Format pdf
Size 31 Mb







We compiled this work on Business English having in mind the need of the students who have already mastered basic grammar, acquired a fair vocabulary with some idiom, and who now wish to apply his knowledge to the study of writing business letters in English.

Therefore, we have given many examples of letters written in a clear, friendly, direct and positive style, keeping in mind needs of the students who require English for correspondence with English-speaking countries, and whose interest therefore lies mainly in import-export matters. In the present edition we have given 150 specimen letters as well as some 740 phrases and extracts from letters. No book of commercial correspondence could reproduce specimen letters in every style of expression used in commercial writing, but the carefully classified groups of phrases given will enable the student to build his own letters on the pattern of the specimens.

Many of the letters have been presented in a very attractive and realistic style. Many of the letters presented in this release of the book in a realistic and attractive style, reflecting the latest revisions done by the authors to make it even more practical and useful when used as a guidance to writing business letters.

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