English collocations in use

Author(s) Michael McCarty, Felicity O'Dell
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2017
Pages 194+194
Format pdf
Size 37 Mb







Here is the second release of the excellent training set for those studying English. It consists of two volumes, namely the self-study and classroom guides for the students of intermediate and advanced levels. You will have to check yourself and understand which one will suit your training needs and capabilities better.

The students of English will be enabled to improve their fluency and, upon completing of all chapters of these books, they will sound much more natural when speaking. The collocations are two or more words that often go together. That is why it makes sense to spend some time studying them, as this knowledge will bring you the capability of richer speaking. The authors of these volumes included the most commonly used and spread combinations for the subject levels. T

he books will be equally great when used in the classroom environment and for self-studying. The collocations shall be studied in context, and the trainees shall get confident about what they are studying. Here, the important role is played by the approach used by the releasers of the books, who made a perfect research to understand the real speaking and written English. Needless to say that the set is a great training resource for preparing for the IELTS and/or Cambridge examinations.

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