English for maritime studies

Author(s) T. N. Blakey
Publisher Prentice Hall
Date 2002
Pages 303
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







If you want to improve your knowledge of maritime English, this publication will be a real treasure for you. It is quite difficult to find the book that would be covering the maritime language and not only give the general knowledge of grammar. The present title will supply you with the information specific to the maritime industry.

You will start with the unit devoted to the shipping in general, where the grammar will be explained on the example of the merchant shipping. The second unit is built around the discussion on the ship types including the terminology involved, while the third unit is dealing with the ship construction. The, we will talk about the manning of the ships and seamanship, including the ship handling, ropes and anchors etc., and cargo handling operations.

After that you will find a separate unit addressing ship navigation and covering all relevant techniques and tools, including electronic navigation. The remaining units will cover the shipboard main and auxiliary machinery, maintenance of the ship including hull and all equipment, communication at sea, ship safety, radiocommunication and associated devices, electronics normally found on board ships. As you can see, there is no item left uncovered so you are encouraged to use this book to improve your maritime English.

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