Explorer - Alaska's Last Oil

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We all know that the world of today is absolutely addicted to the oil. However, the current situation is that all the "easy pockets" have already been developed and are actually gone; that is the main reason why people have to find the new sources. And, the most intensive battle is taking place in Alaska, which is considered to be a source of more than fifteen percent of the whole America's domestic production.

Subject area is also treated as a home for the largest wild-life preserve of the American nation - ANWR, standing for the Arctic National Wild-life Refuge, where numerous exploration companies are pushing to drill today. This film is an extremely interesting one and is highly recommended to all people with the interest in oil exploration and production. They will travel back millions of years in order to see and have a clear picture of how the oil appeared; they will also look at the future, asking how far we will go to find every remaining barrel of oil and at what costs.

Unfortunately, some of the people keep thinking that the cheap exploration and production of the oil is still there. However, that is not the case anymore, and this is what the authors of this brilliant insight into the history of oil are trying to demonstrate and explain. Just take your time watching this episode of Explorer and you find it very useful and interesting...

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