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Nowadays, the oil exploration is being driven to the harshest corners of the planet. With the latest generation of offshore rig no reserves of oil and gas are beyond reach. This is the most extreme drilling rig in the world - the Erik Raude - it can drill for oil in the deepest water and roughest weather on the seven seas. The exploration of oil and gas has moved from land to sea.

The oil industry has developed massive drilling platforms, oil rigs, to stand on the ocean floor and drill beneath the seabed. Until now, offshore rigs have been restricted to shallow water limited by the length of their legs, but the new generation of rigs do not stand on the seabed - they float. The latest and greatest of these floating rigs is the Erik Raude capable of drilling not just in deep water but in ultra-deep water.

The Erik Raude is named after Erik the Red, a fearless Norwegian explorer who discovered Iceland. In a few days this mechanical explorer will begin its first voyage of discovery. Its mission is to search oil where no one has dared to search before. Erik is a self-contained floating city connected to the outside world only by boat and helicopter. Everything on board is designed around the massive drill in the centre - the derrick...

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