First Aid Series - Part 1 & 2 - Elementary First Aid & Medical First A

Author(s) Kathrein Gunther
Publisher Videotel
Date 2009
Pages var.
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb

D O W N L O A D - P A R T 1

D O W N L O A D - P A R T 2









This training set consists of two workbooks supplementing the associated videos First Aid Series Parts 1&2. It is the intention of the authors of this package to provide trainees with required assistance in getting proper knowledge of the first aid; note, however, that first aid also necessitates some practice and knowing only theory will not be enough. In fact, the content of this training program supplements the training required by STCW Convention.

Two booklets cover the elementary and medical first aid. Working on board ships can be very hazardous occupation; even if good safety procedures are established and implemented and even if all crew members are well trained, the illnesses and accidents may occur at any time. And it is obvious that in such cases the life of a person who suffered an illness or injury will mainly depend on the medical help provided in an emergency.

This is where due knowledge and practice of the first aid can mean the difference between human life and death. In the present workbooks the first aid is described - it contains information about everything the seafarers shall be aware of to be able to provide necessary assistance. The trainees will get a chance to familiarize themselves with managing emergency situations, resuscitation, AED, shock and choking and in fact every single aspect of providing first aid on board...

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